Elena graduated from the St. Petersburg Law Institute of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation in 2003 with a degree in jurisprudence, specialization - criminal law.

Elena Manakova has been providing assistance in criminal cases at all stages of criminal proceedings for more than 16 years and successfully represents the interests of principals in law enforcement agencies and in courts of various instances on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Elena's main specialization is criminal legal protection of business and representing the interests of companies, their employees and individuals in the framework of criminal proceedings in economic and corruption cases.

Elena protects and represents the interests of principals related to crimes in the field of business and economic activity, malfeasance, fraud, abuse of authority, crimes in the tax sphere and money laundering, illegal actions during bankruptcy, crimes in the banking sector and others.

At the request of the principals, Elena conducts criminal legal audit of companies with an assessment of criminal legal risks in order to exclude or minimize them, and internal legal investigations.

Elena has successful experience of working with large companies in the banking, oil & gas sectors, protecting the rights and interests of large industrial enterprises and international manufacturing companies under Russian law.

Prior to joining the Tomashevskaya & Partners team, she worked in a large law firm that is included in the top Russian and international ratings. Since 2011, she has been Deputy Chairman, acting partner lawyer in the Moscow Bar Association Ā«Manakov & PartnersĀ»

Elena has been a lawyer since 2005 and is a member of the Moscow City Bar. In 2019 Elena was awarded the title of Honorary Advocate of Russia.